6/7/19 :: Weekly winner announced ::
Our weekly winners for the week of May 27 (to receive $10 W.W. gift cards) are Harry of Hudsonville and Rosemary of Wyoming. Congratulations!

6/1/19 :: May Perennial of the Month ::
We have a winner! Not too difficult once the genus is known (not too many Geum of that color available, correct answer was Geum 'Pretticoats Peach'). Thank you to all who participated this past month, our June POTM is now posted, make your guess now...

6/1/19 :: June Hours ::
Our June hours will be M-F 9a-8p, Sat 9a-5p, closed Sunday. Still a fantastic selection of baskets, planters, annuals and perennials, shrubs, and re-stocking all summer long!

5/31/19 :: Weekly winner announced ::
Our weekly winners for the week of May 20 (to receive $10 W.W. gift cards) are Katie of Grandville and Nicole of Hudsonville. Congratulations!

5/24/19 :: Memorial Weekend Hours ::
We'll be open on Friday 5/24 9a-9p, Saturday 5/25 9a-8p, Sunday 5/26 closed, and Memorial Day 9a-4p. Wishing you all a safe and happy upcoming holiday weekend, as we pay tribute to those who sacrificed for the freedoms we so often take for granted.

5/24/19 :: Weekly winner announced ::
Our weekly winners for the week of May 13 (to receive $10 W.W. gift cards) are Carol of Hudsonville and Ruth of Hudsonville. Congratulations!

5/17/19 :: Weekly winner announced ::
Our weekly winners for the week of May 6 (to receive $10 W.W. gift cards) are Ken from Jenison and Martha from Zeeland. Congratulations!

5/9/19 :: Weekly winner announced ::
Our weekly winners for the week of April 29 (to receive $10 W.W. gift cards) are Betty from Jenison and Diane from Grand Rapids. Congratulations!

5/6/19 :: Weekly winner announced ::
We will again be announcing our winners each week for those who entered our drawing while visiting our garden center. Our weekly winners for the week of April 22 (to receive $10 W.W. gift cards) are Janet of Hudsonville and Nancy of Coopersville. Congratulations!

5/1/19 :: What's Blooming photos added ::
Around 40 new photos to get us started for 2019 have been posted on our What's Blooming page... more on the way. We still have some photos of last year on this page as well. Enjoy!

5/1/19 :: April Perennial of the Month ::
After an extra month of trying, we have a winner! A guess of "Agastache Peachie Keen" was close enough to the actual photo of Agastache 'Acapulco Deluxe Peach', so congratulations to our April winner! Our May POTM is now posted, see if you can guess it!

5/1/19 :: May Hours ::
Our May hours will be M-F 9a-9p, Sat 9a-8p, closed Sunday. Special extended hours for our Mother's Day shoppers, Saturday, May 11, 8a-9p.

4/24/19 :: Home Show and Spring Opening winners announced ::
Thank you to everyone who joined us at the Home & Garden Show in March, and for our 34th annual Spring Opening! The winners from our drawings are posted now on our Garden Center Specials page. 2019 might have began on January 1, but it's not official until W.W. opens...looking forward to a great 2019 season!

4/19/19 :: 2019 Perennial Listing posted ::
We are still getting our perennial offerings inventoried due to the cool start to the season (thank you for your patience!), but we have posted a very rough draft to get us started. We'll be updating it as we continue to stock the rest, as even new items are not included. Again, this is just a perennial list of what we are beginning the season with... some varieties will be sold out and MANY are not yet added. Stay tuned, and check it out HERE.

4/19/19 :: W.W. open for 2019 ::
We are now open for 2019! Our April hours will be M-F 9a-8p, Sat 9a-5p, closed Sunday. (Watch for photos to be posted in the days ahead...)

4/17/19 :: 2019 Annual Listing posted ::
Once again we have posted our Annual Listing for 2019. It's a quick and simple listing of what we plan to carry throughout the 2019 season (25 pages!), and this doesn't even include what we'll be receiving from other growers/suppliers or the seed we offer! Check it out, and we'll update the listing as changes occur.

4/1/19 :: March Perennial of the Month ::
No correct entries again this month, so we'll hold it over one final month. Try again...

3/21/19 :: 2019 Spring Opening announced ::
We are planning our 34th Annual Spring Opening for April 19-20, watch for upcoming specials and hours as we kick off the 2019 season!

3/4/19 :: February Perennial of the Month ::
We had no correct entries to our February POTM , so we'll hold it over again for March with the prize going to $25 for the first person to correctly guess it. Here it is!

2/1/19 :: January Perennial of the Month ::
Sort of a repeat from this past October, with Stokesia laevis being pictured again (the variety 'Peachies Pick' this time). Congratulations to "hulsebus1" for being the first to correctly guess it! Thank you to everyone else who submitted their guesses, our February POTM is now up!

1/2/19 :: December Perennial of the Month ::
An easy one this past month after we had a late start, and "ra6folk" was the first to guess correctly with Sedum kamschaticum. Congratulations, and we thank everyone who participated in all of our 2018 POTMs. Our first one for 2019 is now online, check it out...

12/6/18 :: November Perennial of the Month ::
A little late in updating our POTM page this month, sorry about that! Many entries for November's Perennial of the Month (we accepted any Epimedium guess as photo was of an unverified variety), with the first to make a correct guess being "neinlives". Congratulations! Try again with our December POTM...

11/15/18 :: W.W. closing for 2018 ::
From a cold and rainy April, to a warm and dry summer, to a sudden snow, our 2018 season has come to a close. We thank YOU for your patronage and support, and for the opportunity to serve you! We'll be open (office hours M-F 9-4) and always online during the off-months, so remember those W.W. Gift Cards for the holidays. Stay tuned for 2018 updates...

11/1/18 :: October Perennial of the Month ::
Congratulations to "gritter48" for being the first to correctly guess (Stokesia laevis) our October Perennial of the Month (which was held over from September). Our November POTM is now online, check it out!

10/29/18 :: 2018 nearly finished ::
We are in the process of cleaning up for the year and garden center hours will vary (still some nice mums available, too!). If you plan to visit, just call ahead (616.669.0134) and we'll help you out. As always, we continue to be available for gift card purchases, by phone, online, or if you want to stop by.

10/2/18 :: October Hours ::
Our October hours will be the same as September... M-F 9-6, Sat 9-4, closed Sunday. Mums are in their prime and selling quickly, along with plenty of other fall decorating ideas. Stop in soon!

10/2/18 :: September Perennial of the Month ::
There were no correct entries to last month's POTM, so we'll try again for October with the gift card prize going up to $25! Our October POTM is now posted.

9/1/18 :: August Perennial of the Month ::
Thank you once again to everyone who participated, lots of early entries right away and many were correct. The winner, "hylman", was the first to correctly guess our August POTM as Galium odoratum. Our September POTM is now posted, so, what is it?

8/29/18 :: Labor Day and September Hours ::
We plan to be open on Labor Day, 9-3, and our September hours will be M-F 9-6, Sat 9-4, closed Sundays. Mums are in and beginning to show color along with fresh perennials and fall color combinations... other fall decorating items coming soon!

8/1/18 :: July Perennial of the Month ::
We received a few correct entries, and "mamkoff" was the first to correctly identify this past July's POTM as Ligularia stenocephela 'Bottle Rocket'. Congratulations! Thank you to all who guessed, check out our August POTM HERE.

7/28/18 :: Late July and August Hours ::
Our hours beginning July 30 through August will be M-F 9-6, Sat 9-4, closed Sunday.

7/2/18 :: June Perennial of the Month ::
Many correct and very close entries for this past month's POTM, with Imperata 'Red Baron (Japanese Blood Grass) being the correct answer. Thank you to all, and our July POTM is now posted so check it out!

7/2/18 :: July Hours ::
Our July hours will be M-F 9-8, Sat 9-5, closed Sunday. We will be open 9-3 on July 4.

6/11/18 :: Weekly winner announced ::
Our weekly winner for the week of June 4 (to receive a $20 W.W. gift card) is Dena of Jenison. Congratulations!

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