Plant Listings

Located below are PDF versions of our Annual and Perennial listings to date. These listings represent what we plan to start the season with... some varieties listed will be sold out, and many other varieties not listed will be offered later in the season. (Prior year editions below are outdated, but still listed for information.)

Just click on the underlined links and that file will load in a new window/tab ::

2018 Annual Listing (95KB) last updated on 5/1/18

2018 Perennial Listing (414KB) last updated on 5/5/18

2017 Annual Listing (93KB)

2017 Perennial Listing (396KB)

2016 Annual Listing (93KB)

2016 Perennial Listing (401KB)

2015 Annual Listing (141KB)

2015 Perennial Listing (394KB)

2014 Annual Listing (85KB)

2014 Perennial Listing (388KB)

2013 Annual Listing (84KB)

2013 Perennial Listing (376KB)

2012 Annual Listing (83KB)

2012 Perennial Listing (401KB)

2011 Annual Listing (78KB)

2011 Perennial Listing (400KB)

2010 Perennial Listing (398KB)

2009 Perennial Listing (412KB)

2008 Perennial Listing (420KB)

2007 Perennial Listing (435KB)

2006 Perennial Listing (418KB)

2005 Perennial Listing (501KB)

A PDF reader is required to view these files, please contact us if you have difficulties.

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